SEO FAQs: Answers To Common Questions

If a website doesn’t show up on the first page of Google, Bing, or Yahoo! it won’t receive much traffic. During our consultation phase, many common SEO questions come up. Organic search is a constantly evolving online channel. It’s critically important to have solid fundamentals before a website redesign or build out of your existing content.

Search engine optimization is a wide discipline.

There are many components that influence how Google, for example, evaluates your site. Second, understand that it will take time to achieve visibility and market share. Before hiring an SEO, I suggest getting an understanding of the basics. I’ve put together some of the more common SEO questions with answers that come up.

No. This is a scheme to lure uninformed clients. They will say something like “$499 a month on the first page of Google”. Many of these unscrupulous companies have put a black eye on the industry.

There are variations on these snake oil pitches.

What’s worse is that these companies either violate the search engine guidelines or fail to produce results. Often it’s both.

  1. No reputable SEO company will guarantee rankings. Google’s Webmaster Guidelines states this.
  2. Organic rankings fluctuate daily. Check your average position via Google Search Console and you’ll find many terms with avg. position 1.5. 2,5, 3.0 etc.
  3. High rankings don’t guarantee sales. You could be targeting the wrong traffic.
    No. 1 rankings are achievable, however, that’s not what you should be hiring for.

You should hire an SEO Agency to drive qualified traffic and not rankings.

NOTE: Search engines will penalize websites that attempt to game the system by manipulating results.

There are numerous answers online. Here’s our BS-free take. it depends on why you wish to hire one. That needs to be clearly defined. For example, are you looking to increase leads? conversions?

1. At a basic level, an SEO agency should be able to articulate why your site is not performing well. Here are some of the common reasons.

  • Low Domain/Page
  • Authority
  • Problematic Internal
  • Linking Structure
  • Poor Architecture
  • Improper on Page
  • Optimization
  • Over Optimization
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Broken Links
  • Pagination Issues


2. Ask to see a sample of their work. It’s not unreasonable to ask for a case study.

3. A reputable SEO company should be able to explain what strategies they would use to increase traffic.

4. Ask for a rough technical review. Don’t expect a free SEO audit, however, you should have something to obtain context.

5. Do they follow search engine’s webmaster guidelines? Some firms engage in unethical tactics which can result in a penalty.

6. Revenue. If a site is ranking, the calculation is doable. For site’s not ranking, that becomes much more difficult. The bottom line is time-frame and market share. You should have some sense.

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