The #1 Digital Business Card for Lead Capture

What is a digital business card?

Digital business cards are how professionals share and collect contact info in today’s world.

Also known as virtual business cards or electronic business cards, digital business cards are a more customizable and effective business card that can be shared via QR codes or website links, and open instantly in a phone browser when shared.

Digital business cards are also extremely sustainable, reducing the reliance on paper and saving millions of trees a year…

Why do I need a digital business card?

91% of people judge a person or company based on first impressions. Popl digital business cards make sure your first impression stands out.

Popl digital business cards guarantee that your contact information is securely saved upon connecting, while also allowing the other person to instantly share their info back to you.

Popl serves as a smart contact management platform that instantly saves and organizes your new contacts via an easy-to-use mobile app and dashboard.

We can customize the card or you can keep it simple.

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